Coding bootcamp student in MAX classroom
    Someone passionate about technology, not afraid to hang with geeks, looking for a fresh,
    in demand career and ready to do what it takes to make the leap!

You are like most of our graduates if you can identify with one or more of these statements:

  • I’m working in a dead-end job or industry with no path for advancement.
  • I’ve been climbing the wrong ladder. I’m not challenged or fulfilled.
  • I’m looking to re-enter the workforce and need to update my skills.
  • I’m seeking a career that will provide some security for my future employability.
  • I’m a recent college graduate that is not finding a lucrative paycheck in my field.

Whatever your reason, our graduates have proven that you don’t have to be an IT professional to become a valued software developer. The diversity of their prior employment experience is pretty impressive. Perhaps you have a similar background?

 Graduate Backgrounds

    • Attorney
    • Bank Teller
    • Business Owner
    • Chef
    • Claims Adjuster
    • Cobol Developer
    • Computer System Set-up Technician
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Emergency Medical Tech
    • High School Graduate (no prior career experience)
    • Insurance Sales
    • Landscape Architect
    • Landscape Designer
    • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
    • Quality Assurance
    • Quality Assurance
    • Quality Assurance
    • Real Estate Appraiser
    • Software Consultant
    • Software Developer (dead languages)
    • Stay at Home Father
    • Stay at Home Mother
    • Theme Park Supervisor

You can see it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. What matters is what you can do now and in the future!